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Investment Management

The majority of our clients employ us to serve as their investment adviser.  Our primary role as the investment advisor is to build and manage investment portfolios for clients using primarily low-cost index funds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).  Our primary belief is that long term investor results are determined by investment diversification and the amount of investment fees that are incurred by the investment portfolio.  Our investment management fee is 0.50% per year for all portfolios over $250,000 and is assessed on a quarterly basis.  All transactions fees (trading costs, commissions) are incurred by the client as assessed by Fidelity Investments who serves as the custodian of the client investment account. 

Retirement Planning

Many of our investment management clients engage us to assist with their retirement income planning calculations.  We assist our clients with retirement planning questions such as "What are the best ways for me to save more for retirement?", "Are there ways I could be more tax efficient in what I am currently doing to save for retirement?", and "When can I realistically retire?"

College Planning

We assist our investment management clients with various ways to plan for college expenses for children or grandchildren.   We assist our clients with cost projections, cash flow analysis and the various options for saving for college expenses.

Inheritance and Divorce Settlement Guidance

We provide guidance and advise for clients who are going through life transitions by reviewing their new or changing financial situation, the impact their family and retirement plans and what options and alternatives are to be considered financially during during a period of change and transition.

Estate Planning Guidance

We assist our investment management clients with their existing estate plan and work in close consultation with their attorney and CPA as an advisory team for the client.  We assist clients to analyze and model different investment portfolio scenarios and review how these portfolios may impact the overall estate plan.   

Fee Only Portfolio Analysis

We provide third party investment portfolio analysis for individuals, families, and institutions who have worked with an outside investment manager for a long time and would like a second opinion of their investment portfolio as currently invested.  We provide a summary analysis of investment portfolios to include portfolio performance, fees, and comparison benchmarking.